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Keeping in Step with the Spirit: Obedience Matters
by The Word Weaver, Deb on May 3rd, 2018

We matter to God.  Everything He does is ultimately with our best interests at heart.  He’s pursued and redeemed us at great cost.  Our relationship with Him is everything.  He sees.  He knows.  He loves.  He rescues. 

Isaiah 61:1 tells us that the Savior was “sent to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.”  He came to seek and save us.

Sin and selfishness entraps us.  Sin shouts shame over us. It fractures our thoughts and darkens our perceptions.  He loves us too much to allow this.

The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  His Spirit lives within us, imbuing us with resurrection power and bold faith.  He commands us to renew our minds with His truth, to take captive every thought to our Savior, and to live in the Light.  He has given us His Word to train and equip us to live holy lives. 

When we pray for our Heavenly Father’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, we’re inviting Him to transform us.  We’re asking Him to sovereignly weave His earth-spanning, eternity-mattering purposes in us, through our lives.  And He faithfully does so. 

Unlocking the chains of darkness and sin. 

Lifting the weight of guilt and shame. 

Clearing out the clouds of confusion. 

Releasing unfettered joy.  

This is freedom!

​It’s what we truly desire:

  • ​lives that radiate the love of the Father
  • hearts that respond to His Voice
  • characters that resemble His Son
  • spirits that reflect grace, truth, & gratitude
  • faith that resounds God’s glory, whatever may come!

And we want the ways we live to cause others to see Jesus and to want more of Him.  This life of faith matters.  

​This kind of life does not happen by itself

​But, oh, we wish it would!  We want it to appear like an amazing, magical destination plopped down on our paths. 

Too often, we cross our fingers, sprinkle pixie prayer dust, and hope for a faith-filled, persevering, obedient life.  It sounds good, and we know it will be hard. 

But then it’s hard. 

We rouse from our daydream with uncooperative children, anxiety that threatens to smother us, and a bank account that quivers days before payday. 

In those moments, it’s easy to shrink back from bold commitments of faith.  We wallow in worry rather than declare God’s goodness to ourselves, let alone anyone else.  We watch others and whine, “Well, faith and obedience is easy for them.”  We skip reading the Bible or praying and soothe ourselves in a bowl of chocolate ice cream. 

Untested, flabby faith only toughens when it is tried.  We want strong, radiant faith, don’t we?

​So, how do we get there from here?

​The faithful, free life that we want is an interactive, life-long process.  It’s not instant nor is it easy. 

It starts now.  It happens this moment. With the next step.

Faithfulness is a fruit of obedience.  
​Katie Davis Majors, in her amazing book Daring to Hope, says it this way,

“Faithfulness is what we repeatedly do.  It is a habit formed of long, hard obedience in the quiet...

Faithfulness is in a million tiny decisions and a million small surrenderings—submitting with a simple Yes, Lord—that create a lifetime of obedience in the extraordinary and in the mundane.”  
Taking the next step is called obedience.  Obedience is the step out of our cells of darkness, the step closer to Light. 

It’s often hardest in the moment before surrender.  Sometimes it involves wrestling with our will, wants, or wobbly faith.  Sometimes it involves lamenting and wrestling with God. 
Sometimes it’s a seemingly small act that may seem insignificant, and we have to trust that its effect is long-term and that it matters.  Other times it’s a giant step that looms outrageously scary and life-changing from the outset, and we have to trust that God will carry us through it.

We just need to be willing to take the step.  God supplies what we need for the next step and beyond. 

Do we trust Him enough to say yes in this matter?  Will we follow Him? 

Obedience matters.

​What if we don’t know the next step?  

​That’s an important question.  There are different ways to discern what God is saying to us.  He uses all of them. 
  • Ask Him in prayer
  • Read His Word
  • Listen to His voice
  • Seek wise counsel. 

The Holy Spirit will keep leading us.  He wants us to know and obey His will.  His truth sets us free.
Scripture Psalm 119:32/ accompanies a blog post about obedience in The Word Weaver blog/

​A New Way to Walk

​We’ve talked in a previous post about how our struggles and our trials refine our faith.  The process of repentance and surrender to obedience also refine us. 

We want to walk confidently, strongly in the light without anything hindering us, don’t we?  It’s the only way to keep in step with the Spirit of the Living God.

Not limping in sin.  Not skulking in the shadows of shame or fear.  Not paralyzed by unbelief or insecurity.  Not detouring in disobedience. 

We want to live surrendered as God intends—our feet running in obedience, the vibrations of our steps echoing the name of our good, great God throughout our generation and beyond.

Whatever He asks, let’s obey.  Let’s take the step He’s asking and trust Him to take care of us in the process. 

In Daring to Hope, Katie Davis Majors goes on to say, “We have nothing to offer, yet here we are.  And there Jesus is, arms open wide, reaching for us as He always does, though we have nothing to offer Him but ourselves. 

I look down at my feet, filthy from this day of trekking through dust.  I feel the sweat drip down my brow. I will show up to heaven like this too.  Worn and dirty from the effort of giving all I have.  Scarred from living deeply, living fully, hoping wildly.

May this also be us!  More than anything, don’t we want real, abundant life now and forever?  Our obedience matters.

​Let’s Pray:

​Heavenly Father,

Scan our inner parts and show us our chains. Continue to do WHATEVER it takes to help us recognize patterns of: sin and selfishness, deception and lies, or unbelief and weak faith.  Continue to do WHATEVER it takes to purify, cleanse, strengthen, and shape us.  May we see sin, unbelief, and disobedience for the thieves that they are.  Deliver us.  Embolden us.

May we keep our gaze on You and bask in the blazing light of Your holiness. May we so desire Your light that if we even start to step into shady areas, we will repent and turn quickly to Your ways.  As we confess and take the steps that You request, restore to us the absolute, unfiltered, unfettered joy of our salvation.

Then may we fully feel the sense of release, freedom, and light that obedience brings.  May it solidify within us the deepest desire to walk with You. 

WHATEVER You tell us, may we say, Yes, Lord.

We are Yours.  You are ours.  May we walk obediently in the light as You are in the Light for Your purposes, delight, and glory.

In the Name of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ,
Obedience to God releases unfettered joy/ Blog post by The Word Weaver/

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