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Now, just where did I put that?

Organization is not my strongest suit! It takes a lot out of me to figure out systems that make my life easier rather than harder~I usually go about things the hard way! Hopefully, you'll be able to navigate this page fairly easily!

Archived posts on this page are listed by those I consider most significant and by month/year.  If you're interested in specific categories of posts, please click here to see the listing of categories on my home page.

Significant Posts:

Posts by Month/Year:

April 2018:
May We Live in Worship!
I Stand With Peter, the Wholehearted Disciple

March 2018:
Do You Know That You Are Beautiful?
Only Jesus Satisfies. Do We Believe That, and Do We Honestly Want More of Him?

February 2018:
Praying For God's Strength in My Weakness
I NEED Jesus.  You NEED Jesus.  Let's Fix Our Eyes on Him.

January 2018:
​Despite My Fearful What-Ifs, My Prayer is:  Surrender 
Offer What You Hold in Your Hands

December 2017:
Unwrapping the Gift of the Season--Grace Is So Much More Than We Realize
Prayer Focus:  Encouragement to Those Who Hesitate to Ask God

November 2017:
Prayer Focus:  Allowing God to Quench Our Thirst--article

September 2017:
When a Haircut is Much More Than Just a Haircut--article
Prayer Focus:  Grasping Love --article ​

August 2016:
Good News, This Luminous Light!--poem

May 2016:
My Name is Deb, Not Jesus--article
Wise Words for This Journey--article

January 2016:
Stepping Outside of My Box--article

December 2015:
He Made Room for Us--article
Be the Gift You'd Like to Receive--guest post at

November 2015:
Awash in Love--article

August 2015:
Led by Love --article

June 2015:
Letting It Go--The Bondage of Guilt, Regret, & Shame --article
Letting Go--My Endless Expectations -- article

February 2015:
Tattling on Sunshine --article

January 2015:
Echoing the Heavenly Chorus --poem

June 2014:
Missing My Dad

January 2014:
Savory Book Selections--article
Take My Hand--article
Why One Word? My Answer & An Invitation--article
"What If . . .?--guest post
My One Word: Purpose

December 2013:
Abundance at Allume--article
Beholding Moments--article

November 2013:
The Art of Rain--article

October 2013:
Fall Frolic--poem
Antidote to Worry--article
Staying Out of the Ring of My Enemy, Regret--article

September 2013:
Overcoming Mama Anger With God's Help--article

August 2013:
Learning Never Stops~July--article
Introduction to Allume--article
Worship is More Than a Verb--article

July 2013:
Gibbs' Slap From God--article
Celestial Night--poem

June 2013:
Seat Reserved for Moms--article

February 2012:
Winter Trees & Me--poem
Beauty in the Shadows--article
Divine Design--poem
To See With the Heart of a Child--article
Delight at Dusk--poem
When Superman Ages--article

March 2012:
Winter Day Rest--poem
The Superpower I Seek--article
Midnight Magic-poem
21 Days of Prayer for Sons--article

April 2012:
Coronation at Dawn--poem
Exposing My Enemy--article
Killing Myself With Kindness--article
Confession to Community--article 

May 2012: 
Workbench--article & poem
Motherhood Moments--article
Sunrise Gift--poem

June 2012:
Psycho Wonder Weaver Sets Me Up!--article
Summer Social--poem

August 2012:
Compelled by Summer's Embrace--poem

November 2012:
Autumn Aglow--poem

December 2012:
We Are Not Alone, Even in the Dark

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